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  • Get 15% off on the purchase of AlmaCrawler products

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How to open a customer account?

Opening a customer account is free and takes less than 5 minutes. You can complete a customer account opening request by clicking here.

When should I open a customer account?
  • Rent equipment
  • Get transportation
  • Have equipment serviced or repaired
  • Order a part that is not in stock
What are the advantages of a customer account?

You have access to:

  • Free on-site assessment and guidance from our support team
  • Equipment rental
  • Equipment transportation
  • Equipment maintenance, inspection and repair

In some cases :

  • Lines of credit
  • Exclusive discounts
Can I rent equipment by the hour?

Unfortunately, we do not offer hourly or half-day rentals. We choose to perform a very thorough inspection of each piece of equipment between each rental to ensure that our customers are always using the safest equipment possible. Our rental costs are therefore too high for us to be able to offer hourly or half-day rentals.

How much is the “damage waiver” amount?

The “Damage Waiver” is a fee of 7.9 % of the rental cost that is added to each rental. It is used to cover normal wear and tear of the rented equipment (wear of tires, battery, etc.).

Do I need to take training to use your equipment?

Most of our equipment requires certified training for safe use. It is your responsibility to ensure you have the required training before using any equipment, but do not hesitate to ask our team what the requirements are for the equipment you have hired. We offer training for each equipment, if necessary.

Is delivery and pick-up included in the rental price?

Delivery and/or collection are not included in the rental price. Please contact our team to obtain a delivery quote based on the location of your project.

When does my rental period start?

The rental period begins when the equipment is picked up or delivered to the site.

When does the rental period end?

For transportation service

It is your responsibility to contact us once you are finished with the equipment to schedule a pickup. The rental period ends when you notify us. Please note that any use of the equipment after this time will result in an extension of the rental period. If the equipment is not available at the scheduled time, the rental period will be extended until the next scheduled pickup time and additional transportation costs will be charged.

In case of restitution by the user himself

The rental period ends when you return the equipment to our premises.

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