AlmaCrawler JIBBI-1670 EVO tracked aerial platform (2022)

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Designed for use indoors and in open spaces where low noise and gas emissions are required, the AlmaCrawler Jibbi-1670 LTH tracked boom lift is a 16m self-propelled tracked boom equipped with a 300Ah lithium battery- 48V.


Thanks to the consolidated dynamic and proactive leveling system that characterizes Almac platforms, the JIBBI 1670 LTH tracked elevator allows the operator to work safely and confidently on uneven ground and in areas with steep slopes up to at 22° (40 %) during moving operations in transport conditions.

Features and advantages of the new Almac self-propelled tracked vehicle

As with the version of the 1670 EVO telescopic tracked aerial platform, the self-propelled LTH differs from other models in the JT series by:

a maximum working height of 16 m
an operational range of 8.5 m
the possibility for the operator to move up to a height of 9.8 m
a variable undercarriage with different track opening configurations to allow working in restricted spaces (track width: 1.35 m, 1.90 m, 2.20 m and 2.45 m).

The standard version of the 1.4m wide basket (designed to stay fit within the passage width of the machine) offers an alternative that promotes operator comfort, namely a 1.8m wide basket . The two basket versions of the JIBBI 1670 LTH carrycot can rotate +/- 70°, which guarantees a maximum capacity of 230 kg.

Almac's new telescopic self-propelled vehicle is not only equipped with a 30

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Minimum width

1.35m / 4' 5"

Minimum height

2 m / 6' 7"

Minimum length

5.08m / 16' 8"

Width (tracks spread):

2.45 m / 8'

Maximum working height

14 m / 45' 11"

Maximum floor height

16,000mm / 52' 6"

Maximum rotation angle


Basket dimensions

1400mm / 4' 7"

Total weight

8487 lbs / 3850 kg

Maximum longitudinal leveling


Maximum lateral leveling


Maximum speed

2.5 km/h

Maximum basket dimensions

1800mm / 5' 11"

Maximum horizontal reach

8.5m / 27' 10"

Maximum basket capacity

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