BG Lift M400 DE crawler crane (2021)

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The crane M400 is not only an amazing compact crawler crane, but also a tireless “Pick & Carry” crane capable of moving with millimeter precision in very tight spaces and lifting up to 1.6 tonnes.


Two cranes in one and more: the innovative technology of double crossbeam stabilizers gives the crane greater positioning possibility, thus facilitating use in operational situations that for a long time were considered impossible. The dimensions and lightness, combined with the millimeter precision of handling, enormously reduce operating times, increasing quality and guaranteeing total safety.


  • Articulated hydraulic Fly Jib mod J150C with 2 extensions
  • Hydraulics, 195¡ tilt joint and hook
  • Radio controlled 1000 kg Rotzler hydraulic winch
  • Complete set of pulleys to boom end
  • Set of pulleys for 4-strand reeving
  • Complete set of 4 stabilizer pads with support 400 x 400 x 40
  • White anti-mark tracks made of high density vulcanized rubber

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Diesel and electric

Minimum width

1.27m / 4' 2"

Minimum height

1.96m / 6' 5"

Minimum length

4.47 m / 13' 11"

Maximum hook capacity

8,818 lbs / 4000 kg

Maximum rotation angle

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Total weight

9480 lbs / 4300 kg

Maximum longitudinal leveling


Maximum lateral leveling


Maximum speed

2 km/h

Maximum horizontal reach

17 m / 55' 9"

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