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This course is aimed at operators with or without experience, who must inspect and operate forklifts, of all classes, in complete safety. The course complies with Standard B 335-15 and ASME B56.1, 1993.

We are a training organization approved by the Labor Market Partners Commission for the purposes of implementing the Act to promote the development and recognition of workforce skills (approval number 0055240).


  • Operators with or without experience
  • Managers
  • Members of the health and safety committee


  • Theory: 4 hours
  • Practical assessment: Approximately 30 to 45 minutes per participant.


  • The cost of the training is 550 $ plus taxes


  • Free parking
  • Coffee, apple as much as you like during training
  • Promotional pouch including personalized pens and key rings
  • Protective equipment provided
  • Training carried out with SOS machines
  • Public transportation nearby
  • Discount of a 10% discount coupon on a first rental


  • Raise candidate awareness of the dangers associated with using forklifts
  • Ensuring safe working methods
  • Become familiar with the risks associated with the work environment


  • Theoretical presentation on Power Point
  • Theoretical exam based on understanding
  • Practical assessment of operators


  • Introduction
  • Company regulations, policies and procedures
  • Statistics and accidents (analysis of the cause of the accident)
  • Forklift Features
  • Pre-start inspection
  • Capacity plate and its location
  • Responsibility to report a problem or failure
  • Traveling with and without load
  • Factors affecting stability
  • Handling loads, ramps and slopes
  • Driving safety rules
  • Risk identification
  • Lifting and maintaining a worker at height, use of a compliant cage and the necessary PPE
  • Parking procedure
  • Changing a propane tank and/or battery
  • Theoretical exam with choice of answers


Assessment of candidate skills according to:

  • Inspection before start-up
  • Start and move with and without loads
  • Handle loads safely (respect the load center, safe use of the lifting cage, harness, anchor point, etc.)
  • Park your cart
  • Identify business-specific hazards

At the end of the training, a certificate and a skills card will be sent to you by email.

Happy training everyone!

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