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Professional training for lifting equipment

Learning the proper way to use lifting equipment improves productivity and will significantly improve safety on your job site. Registration for the course can be done individually or in a group. The courses will be adapted to your needs and based on your knowledge of lifting equipment. You will receive a certificate when you successfully complete the course.


During the training, workers will learn the following:

  • Machinery Operator Responsibilities : All tasks and responsibilities related to the use of a lifting platform or a basket in the context of a large-scale construction site, on a small scale or for maintenance work.
  • Detection of potential dangers : Learn to detect dangers that could arise in the work environment and how to prevent the main sources of risk.
  • Equipment Inspection : Train machine operators to know how to identify problems that can affect lifting equipment. Allow operators to carry out a basic mechanical inspection according to the manufacturer's standards.
  • Control, operation and safety rules : Learn to properly control the lifting platform or basket that will be entrusted to you. In addition, you will be shown the safety standards and best practices to adopt when you are in control of this type of machinery.

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