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Wearing the harness


This training is aimed at workers, whether they have experience or not, who must use a safety harness when working at height. This may include the use of a portable ladder, a stepladder, a mobile staircase, a scaffold, a horizontal, vertical or mixed lifeline, a slide on a roof, etc. The training complies with the LSST (art. 49 & 51) and aims to teach the safety criteria necessary to carry out work at height safely, while respecting standards, laws and regulations.


  • Theory: 4 hours 
  • Practical assessment: Ensure that each participant wears and adjusts their harness correctly.


  • The cost of the training is 550 $ plus taxes 


  • Operators with or without experience
  • Managers
  • Members of the health and safety committee


At the end of this training, the participant will be made aware of the importance of wearing a safety harness at height. He will be able to identify the different fall arrest mechanisms and inspect the condition of his own equipment.


  • Theoretical presentation on Power Point
  • Distribution of a questionnaire at the end of the training
  • Equipment inspection and safety harness adjustment by each participant


  • Introduction
  • Laws and standards
  • Statistics on falls from height
  • Persons concerned and responsibilities
  • Recognition of work at height situations
  • Necessary precautions for working safely
  • Identification of the different fall risks
  • General criteria for using harnesses and equipment
  • Verification of fall protection systems: guardrails, inspection and storage of harnesses, anchor points, classification of harnesses, verification of D-rings, lanyard/energy absorber.
  • Correct harness adjustment (demonstration)
  • Estimated stopping distance required.
  • At the end of the training, each participant will receive a training certificate and an operator card certifying their skills in wearing a safety harness at height.

PRACTICAL CONTENT Assessment of candidate skills on:

  • Pre-start inspection
  • Inspection and adjustment of harness and mooring rope
  • Establish a security perimeter
  • Operate the platform safely
  • Identify business-specific hazards


  • Free parking
  • Coffee, apple as much as you like during training
  • Promotional pouch including personalized pens and key rings
  • Protective equipment provided
  • Training carried out with SOS machines 
  • Public transportation nearby 
  • Discount of a 10% discount coupon on a first rental

At the end of the training, a certificate and a skills card will be sent to you by email.

Happy training everyone!!! 


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