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  • Get 15% off on the purchase of AlmaCrawler products

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⚠️ Is it possible to use lifting equipment during periods of strong winds? ⚠️

We would like to reiterate the importance of safety when using lifting equipment, especially during periods of strong winds. In urban areas, winds can be amplified by buildings, creating wind corridors and tunneling effects that increase risks.

Impact of buildings on winds

In cities, buildings can change the direction and intensity of winds, sometimes creating wind corridors or tunneling effects. These phenomena can cause sudden and powerful squalls, even in moderate weather conditions. Be especially vigilant in areas where buildings form narrow passages, as these locations are likely to see significant increases in wind speeds.

Safety Recommendations

  • Check the weather forecast: Always check local forecasts before use.
  • Respect wind speed limits: It is prohibited to work when the wind exceeds 45 km/h. Each machine has specific tolerances listed on the MSDS and user manual.

Example of MSDS: 

  • Analyze the urban environment: Avoid areas at risk of strong winds created by buildings.
  • Secure and stabilize: Use appropriate stabilizers and anchors.
  • Continuing education: Make sure operators are well trained in safety procedures.

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Stay informed and vigilant to ensure everyone's safety. 


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